SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo – Assembled


Fully functional mini arcade machine powered by Raspberry Pi 2.


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The SGC Mini Arcade is a fully functional arcade machine with built in emulators for every system imaginable. This model is made of high quality bamboo plywood and comes pre-built, ready to play. It has RetroPie installed which includes over 30 emulators which can play 1000’s of games.

Contents Include:

– All bamboo cabinet panels
– 9″ LCD display
– Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
– 6 arcade buttons
– Player One button
– Insert Coin button
– Menu & Escape buttons
– Sanwa/Seimitsu arcade joystick
– Stereo amplifier
– 3.5mm audio cable
– Speakers
– HDMi cable
– Wires for buttons/joystick
– Power supply & DC socket

SD card not included.

The following emulators have been configured to work with the SGC Mini Arcade:

Mega Drive
Master System
Sega 32x
Atari 2600
Gameboy Color

Please allow 1-2 weeks  for postage and handling.

No software will be provided with any of the arcade machines sold on this website. A build of RetroPie that has been configured to work with the arcade machines is available for download. We do not provide support for any software. All hardware comes with a 6 month warranty which covers any factory faults.