Old Mate’s Barber Shop

Here are a few pictures of an SGC Mini Arcade that a customer bought for his barber shop. This has to be the most awesome barber shop I’ve ever seen.


mini arcade old mates3

mini arcade old mates2

Big bro

Just sent out this Mini Arcade Level 2 Flat Kit to Bekir from his big bro. He requested his birthday engraving in SEGA font. What an awesome brother.

happy bday

Work setup

Thanks to Chris for sending me this photo of an SGC Mini Arcade set up at his work. Looks great!

Chris Copin Mini Arcade1

Bamboo cabinet

The final bamboo build is done. See photos below. I will be adding it to the store shortly along with the acrylic cabinet. There will also be a flat kit option which will allow people to put the cabinet together themselves.

SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 6 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 1 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 2 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 4 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 3

Welcome to SuperGameCo

Welcome to SuperGameCo. My name is Bob and I have been playing games my entire life. I have very fond memories of playing arcade games at the local Milk Bar. It is my goal to bring arcade gaming into people’s homes by building mini arcade machines. I’m not the only one that builds mini arcades but it’s quite hard to get them if you live in Australia. I plan on making it easy for Australians to get their hands, and fingers, on a fully functional, fully featured mini arcade machine. I have started designing and building the first prototype. Only the best of components and materials will be used. I will document the build on this sight for everyone to follow. I would also like to gauge people’s interest in owning a mini arcade machine. At this stage I really have no idea how many people would actually want one. So please let me know by commenting or sending me an email.
Mini arcade specs:
Material: Bamboo plywood, Acrylic (Laser cut)
Brains: Raspberry Pi 2 (running RetroPie)
Display: 9″ LCD panel
Audio: 2 x 5w speakers
Power Input: 5V 2A