New SGC Micro Arcade

Introducing the new SGC Micro Arcade. I have had several requests for a smaller (cheaper) version of the Mini Arcade that has HDMI out for connection to a tv/monitor. Pictured below is the prototype built using MDF. The final version will be made using the same bamboo plywood as the SGC Mini Arcade and also run off a Raspberry Pi 2 with the ability to play all the same games. Audio is handled by the HDMI connection and the unit is powered by USB. Pics and a video demonstration of the bamboo unit will be posted shortly.

SGC Micro Arcade 1

SGC Micro Arcade 2

SGC Micro Arcade 3

SGC Micro Arcade 4

New 2 Player Mini Arcade Prototypes

I have designed and built a couple of 2 player mini arcade prototypes. The one you can see in the first pic is just a larger version of the 1 player mini arcade with a 14″ display. It ended up just being too big and it’s almost impossible to get 14″ LCDs. The second pic is what I’ll probably end up going with. It’s just slightly bigger than the 1 player cabinet with a 10″ or 12″ display (haven’t decided yet) with an extended 2 player control panel. I’ll add some more pics as it evolves.

2 player mini arcade 1

2 player mini arcade 2

New video

I’ve added a supplementary video which¬†explains a few things that I missed in the other videos. Check it out below:

RetroPie 3.0 released

Hi retro gamers, RetroPie 3.0 has been released and I have configured it to work with the SuperGameCo Mini Arcade. It has had more systems added to the list and a bunch of other updates and bug fixes.

I’ve tested a few systems including MAME and it has worked fine so far. A lot more work is needed for it to work completely with the Mini Arcade but I thought I’d put it up so people could check it out. One issue I have come across is it doesn’t seem to exit games on any system other than MAME. Let me know if you manage to figure out why.

Grab it here: SGC-RetroPie-3.0

Old Mate’s Barber Shop

Here are a few pictures of an SGC Mini Arcade that a customer bought for his barber shop. This has to be the most awesome barber shop I’ve ever seen.


mini arcade old mates3

mini arcade old mates2

New Insert Coin Buttons

Just a quick update letting people know that I have changed the Insert Coin button to the one pictured below. It’s less bulky and easier for me to source. I think it looks slightly better than the old one as well.

SuperGameCo insert coin button


Big bro

Just sent out this Mini Arcade Level 2 Flat Kit to Bekir from his big bro. He requested his birthday engraving in SEGA font. What an awesome brother.

happy bday

Work setup

Thanks to Chris for sending me this photo of an SGC Mini Arcade set up at his work. Looks great!

Chris Copin Mini Arcade1

Bamboo cabinet

The final bamboo build is done. See photos below. I will be adding it to the store shortly along with the acrylic cabinet. There will also be a flat kit option which will allow people to put the cabinet together themselves.

SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 6 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 1 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 2 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 4 SGC Mini Arcade Bamboo 3