Custom 2 Player Build

Check out this custom 2 player arcade machine that I designed and built for a client. It’s┬áthe first two player machine I have attempted, it turned out to be quite tricky getting all the controls working. I had to do a little programming to get them to work with all the emulators. Not sure if I’ll make this available in the store, I guess it depends on how interested people are in it. Let me know if this is something you’d like to own/build.

supergameco 2 player - 1
supergameco 2 player - 2
supergameco 2 player - 4
supergameco 2 player - 3

Bob Plays – Pac-Land (1984)

Check out the video below to see how far I can get in Pac-Land on 1 credit. Pac-Land is one of my favourite games of all time. The music is so catchy and that damned 3rd pool is so hard!

Antique arcade controller

I found this antique arcade controller in the basement and was thinking of taking it onto Antiques Roadshow. I’m obviously joking. I’ve just been playing around with staining and clear coating the bamboo. I think it looks pretty schmick.

SGC Micro Arcade stain

Micro Arcade now available

The Micro Arcade is now available in the shop. It’s only the assembled model for now, the flat kit will be available once I finish the instructional video. Check it out here.

SGC Micro Arcade 1