Corner Arcade Prototype

My new design is called the Corner Arcade. It’s designed to sit on the corner of a table (hence the name) and is playable by 2 players.

SuperGameCo Corner Arcade

Special Feedback

I just received some very special feedback from a customer. I’m so glad that I can share my passion for retro gaming with others and help create fond memories.

From David:

The product I purchased from you enabled me and my son to work together for many enjoyable hours and we’ve ended up with an amazing arcade machine to boot. I suspect both of us will always have extremely fond memories of building your device.

Not only has your service been outstanding but the care you took in describing the build processes in the 3 you tube videos was phenomenal.

I’m also going to rave about your product and your service to all my friends with teenage sons.

Thank you. I didn’t just purchase a product, I gained a priceless memory.

Custom Control Panel

Check out this awesome custom job by Barrie. He ordered an acrylic control panel top which I laser cut specially for him. He then printed out the graphic and placed it in between the bamboo and acrylic. Good job mate.

SGC custom control panel

New SGC Micro Arcade

Introducing the new SGC Micro Arcade. I have had several requests for a smaller (cheaper) version of the Mini Arcade that has HDMI out for connection to a tv/monitor. Pictured below is the prototype built using MDF. The final version will be made using the same bamboo plywood as the SGC Mini Arcade and also run off a Raspberry Pi 2 with the ability to play all the same games. Audio is handled by the HDMI connection and the unit is powered by USB. Pics and a video demonstration of the bamboo unit will be posted shortly.

SGC Micro Arcade 1

SGC Micro Arcade 2

SGC Micro Arcade 3

SGC Micro Arcade 4

New 2 Player Mini Arcade Prototypes

I have designed and built a couple of 2 player mini arcade prototypes. The one you can see in the first pic is just a larger version of the 1 player mini arcade with a 14″ display. It ended up just being too big and it’s almost impossible to get 14″ LCDs. The second pic is what I’ll probably end up going with. It’s just slightly bigger than the 1 player cabinet with a 10″ or 12″ display (haven’t decided yet) with an extended 2 player control panel. I’ll add some more pics as it evolves.

2 player mini arcade 1

2 player mini arcade 2