I have completed Prototype3 which I’ve chosen to make out of 3mm acrylic. The display has been upgraded from 7 inches to 9 inches. To fit the larger display I had to widen the entire cabinet which was a lot harder than it sounds. All the pieces had to be adjusted. It was also quite tricky to glue together. The glue has the consistency of water and was really hard to handle.

This will be the final prototype. The next build will be added to the store for sale.

sgc-mini-arcade-4 sgc-mini-arcade-5 IMG_0495 copy


Prototype2 is coming together nicely. The pieces have been cut, and re-cut a few times, and it’s fitting together nicely. I have tilted the screen back slightly so it’s a little more ergonomic to look at and the control panel has been extended to slightly hang over the edge and rounded off. I have also made the hole for the screen bigger to fit a 9″ LCD as opposed to the 7″ that prototype1 has. Check out some pics below.

Mini arcade prototype2-5 Mini arcade prototype2-3 Mini arcade prototype2-2 Mini arcade prototype2-1